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Meet Our Family

David Mingus – Owner
At Regional Home Sales, our sole vision is to strive for excellence in providing; "Quality, Affordable, and Efficient housing for any budget."

Mr. Mingus has over 15 years of construction experience, holds a Masters in Construction Management, and has spent over a decade in the Resort and Hospitality Industry. One may conclude that Planning, Hard Work, and Customer Service come as second nature.

We Value the relationships and trust we build with every customer as this is paramount to the success and longevity of Regional Home Sales

Mr. Mingus personally guarantees that Regional Home Sales will work exceedingly and abundantly to make your home buying dreams REALITY!

Adrian Alvarez - Home Consultant
Having worked 20 years for the railroad, I know the importance of hard work.

We at Regional are dedicated to excellence. 100% percent of our effort, time, and knowledge goes into making your home buying process the best experience available.

At regional home sales, honesty and integrity is our priority. When you purchase your home from us, know that, without a doubt we will offer the best service and continued satisfaction, BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the sale.

Brady Phelps - Home Consultant
A true “Local” Born & Raised in Bryan, TX. My main goal is to achieve excellence by, exceeding my client’s expectations before, during and AFTER the sale. Here at Regional Homes we stand for everything “you” should in a home. We possess and retain that small-town kind of care our customers need that frankly corporate dealers just don’t have.

As a former Owner/Operator of a construction site work business, the most powerful thing I took from that experience was knowing what it takes to assure that my customers receive the attention and care they deserve throughout the construction/homebuying process. Give me a call Today and let's start your journey to HOMEOWNERSHIP together and make this American Dream Reality!

Leo Conner - Home Consultant
Working for Regional Home Sales allows me to combine my skillset and my passion to help families build assets and create homes. Regional’s commitment to service resonates with my personal military background as a current member of the Texas Army National Guard.

As a home consultant, I am dedicated to providing the most honest and transparent buying experience possible as well as getting you into the perfect home while simultaneously facilitating financial freedom.

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